Rust Fever

from by Axecatcher



I've let go of control,
I've let go of control,
I've let go of control,
I'm letting go.

We can't patch over this,
The wound will overgrow the dressing,
Melding into scar tissue to keep us whole.

I want this to end,
I want this to end.

I ain't scared of the dark,
I'm scared of what calls the dark its home.
I ain't scared of your trust,
I'm scared it'll leave me alone.

Forwards is terror,
And backwards is safe.
I am ever the coward,
I am never the brave.

(Save me)
From nothing.
(Save me)
From everything.
(Break me)
For nothing.
(Hate me)
For everything.

It's been said history's great men never gave up a fight until the bitter end.
But what if I'm not a great man, though god knows I'm trying?
When the wounds start to fester, will I stop us from dying?

We watched our sun burn, until it exploded,
Now our passions are dead, and all our bodies eroded.

Forgive me for repeating,
"You can't beat a dead horse".
The irony isn't lost on me.

I am defined by inaction.


from Common Blood, released July 15, 2016



all rights reserved


Axecatcher UK


Northcoast hardcore.

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