Sparks & Spears

by Axecatcher

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"Sparks & Spears" is Axecatcher's debut EP, released on 22nd February 2013.

“The most impressive (and enjoyable) aspect of this EP is how just four songs, none overly long in duration, can display such promise and variety, without ever being jarring or disparate. The EP is a lively and pleasing mix of hardcore, punk, prog and heavy rock. The band has progressed at an astonishing rate since their formation a mere two years ago; based on this EP, they are definitely ones to watch.” - Chordblossom

FFO: Cancer Bats / Every Time I Die / Trash Talk.


released February 22, 2013

Recorded in January 2013 by Charlie Graham at FreeRange Music Studios, Northern Ireland



all rights reserved


Axecatcher UK


Northcoast hardcore.

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Track Name: Circle Pit Roller Derby
We shout our name, from the ramparts,
But don't peer over the wall.
There's no point, so long as they know,
We are the greatest thing.

This bastion of stealth, will hold forever,
We'll never leave it again.
Now they've seen the knife,
Who needs to see the wound?

Bolster your ego, put on a good show,
Spectacle is it's own reward.
So long as they have, something to gaze upon,
We'll get what we deserve.

Style over substance, that's what's important,
You'll grow to like the silence.
We'll take our drones, into our bedrooms,
They love us so well.

We crave only affection,
We'll sell our souls if you'll love us,
Some love, some love,
My Kingdom for some love.

March on, the invisible band.
Track Name: Seismic Toss
Shapeshifter, Soulstealer,
Puppeteer, I bought it all.
And through it all, I should have figured it out.

Acid tongue, crippled heart,
Piercing gaze, pitch perfect part.

And through it all, I swallowed every single line,
Dragged myself through the dirt.
Never again, I won't fall through the same old cracks.

I fell, every time,
Crushing blows, lies time after time,
I fell, every time.
Track Name: Methuselah
Tonight's the night I slip and fall,
Off this mountain I've built,
I've slaved and slaved for days and days,
The vultures are throat-deep in guilt.

Love for thyself (Hunt for control).

Hounds that we are, old as the sun.
Track Name: Youfinder
What's the point, of life viewed,
From the outside looking in?
What's the point, of time spent,
Trapped in amber, bleeding life

We create the legend
Before the moment has passed,
Just stay with me

Live through the viewfinder,
With clouded vision
Take off, your life, so filtered, so defined
Picture it now

Picture, it now, your life before a crowd
They cry, and moan, why not live in the now?

Don't forget,
Perfect moment.

Live in the now.