Common Blood

by Axecatcher

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released July 15, 2016

Recorded by Aidan Cunningham at Bluebird Studios.
Mixed and mastered by Aidan Cunningham at The Forbidden Zone Studio,



all rights reserved


Axecatcher UK


Northcoast hardcore.

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Track Name: Semblance
I'd rather fade, become a backdrop,
Than feed off tragedy, oh, lap it up, up, up.
But we're so lucky, so let's turn a blind eye,
And we'd never say it, but let's hope our roads bring death tonight.

I just can't bring myself to speak about the mundane,
I hate the idea of routine, this cycle's not for me.
And I know this is the only thing that's keeping me afloat,
But every breath I try to give just makes me wanna fucking sink.

(Oh, we're the good guys)
People would miss us if we left,
So close your eyes, boy, and pray to god the vultures give you rest.
(You're so important)
Well go figure, without me by your side, maybe you'd have to lift a finger.

If I could trade it all,
Then I would trade it all.
If I could burn it to the ground,
I would bury myself in flames,
Bury myself in flames,
Bury myself in flames,
Bury us all in flames.

A fair trial is a far cry from justice,
Keep your eyes fixed ahead, man, and trust me, I got this.
Have you ever known a man to put love before power?
The starving, they feed upon the weak and the cowards.

The hand that feeds is growing tired and withered,
Let the test subjects starve and kill themselves to deliver.
But I'd rather it chokes me than get on my knees,
Oh, and I'd rather be a rat than join an army of thieves.

Get on your knees, boy, and beg,
Beg for acceptance.

I long for moments where I feel like I'm not wasting my time.
(Pat the children on their heads and feed them lies)
I crave those hours where I feel like my time is mine.
(Round up the wolves and set them loose upon this town)
I miss not being afraid to go to sleep at night.
(Trigger the bombs and set this city alight)
The hole that's been ripped in me is showing no signs of healing.
(Rip their hearts out of their chests and let them die)
Track Name: Jump the Chasm
Never age, never die.
Never reach, never try.

Am I wrong when I say,
‘Everybody has a part to play’?
From the hand of god to the mouths of babes,
Let the weakest die, the hungry fight to survive.

The hungry will rise,
(Never age, never die)

Don't let them see your eyes.
Track Name: Coma Gaze
I don't want nothing for nothing,
I just want this to mean something.
But we're old, tired and rusting,
Are we on the same page?

There's no escape from what's coming,
We're all just sport, so keep running.
Don't let them see the kids crying.

We wait for some great turning
But who will bring it?
We're not in control,
Take it back, take it back.

We're not supposed to be here,
And no-one seems to care.
We depose our thoughts and actions,
Pantomime through the despair.

There's no escape from what's coming,
We're all just sport, so keep running.
Don't let them see that we're dying.

The fort's under siege,
My lungs bomb the gates,
My liver is failing,
No time to escape.

My heart is on fire,
My mind's in the sky,
My eyes have gone searching,
I should never have tried.

Do you think god could save my soul,
If I lie down and do what I'm told?
Do you think that the rapture would spare us,
If we give up, relinquish control?

Motionless to please the mindless,
Youngblood's beginning to clot,
Deafened by screaming of choirs,
Static minds turn on the spot.
Track Name: Common Blood
I've been condemned from the off; cursed with the name of an abuser,
I'm a byproduct of a byproduct of the inner workings of an evil man.

I'm guilty by default.

Brace tight for impact,
This one's gonna hurt,
Common blood is common dirt.

I am consequential,
I am predisposed,
Fuck tradition, chapter close.

My name tastes like dirt in her mouth,
You fucking monster, you created and destroyed so much life.
You don't deserve to have a family,
Benefit of the doubt doesn't apply to fucking tyrants never held to account.

Brace tight for impact,
This one's gonna hurt,
Common blood is common dirt.

I am consequential,
I am predisposed,
Fuck tradition, chapter close.

Close your eyes, keep the kids out of sight,
We learn to take what we are given or he'll come in the night.
Don't say a word, I beg you, please don't speak out of line,
The bastards kill the weakest then they call it a fight.

Just drift away, love, imagine you're as free as a bird,
Not just an object, here for men, with just one purpose to serve.
I'm sorry mother if ever I remind you of him,
I'll kill myself, emerge anew dressed in a free man's skin.

Leave behind the rust,
Pave a new road through the dust.
Cast off the shackles of old,
I refuse, I refuse, I refuse to be sold.

The young become the old,
The old become the dead.

The weakest will break through the mould,
The starving will devour you whole.
The broken rise to heights unforeseen and untold,
The starving will devour you whole.
Track Name: Rust Fever
I've let go of control,
I've let go of control,
I've let go of control,
I'm letting go.

We can't patch over this,
The wound will overgrow the dressing,
Melding into scar tissue to keep us whole.

I want this to end,
I want this to end.

I ain't scared of the dark,
I'm scared of what calls the dark its home.
I ain't scared of your trust,
I'm scared it'll leave me alone.

Forwards is terror,
And backwards is safe.
I am ever the coward,
I am never the brave.

(Save me)
From nothing.
(Save me)
From everything.
(Break me)
For nothing.
(Hate me)
For everything.

It's been said history's great men never gave up a fight until the bitter end.
But what if I'm not a great man, though god knows I'm trying?
When the wounds start to fester, will I stop us from dying?

We watched our sun burn, until it exploded,
Now our passions are dead, and all our bodies eroded.

Forgive me for repeating,
"You can't beat a dead horse".
The irony isn't lost on me.

I am defined by inaction.